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The Crucible's Michael Sturtz visits Tuia

POSTED: 15 November 2018

Silcon Valley entrepreneur Michael Sturtz at the Tuia Innovation offices
(L-R): Silicon Valley entrepreneur Michael Sturtz, an international consultant specialising in innovative thought leadership and creative empowerment, with Tuia Innovation principals Toko Kapea, Alan Groves and Guy Royal.

There aren’t too many people who could get away with calling themselves Creative Provocateurs, but Michael Sturtz is one of them.

His list of achievements over the past 25-plus years is beyond impressive, from founding the largest nonprofit industrial arts educational facility in the United States to setting a land speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats piloting a biodiesel motorbike designed and built by his Diesel Dozen team; read more about Michael’s career and accomplishments.

Having set up The Crucible, and completed stints at innovation powerhouses Autodesk and Google X, Michael is now turning his sights to Aotearoa New Zealand where he is extremely keen to base his next set of projects. He has fallen heavily for Wellington, which reminds him very much of the Bay area of San Francisco.

Michael was in Wellington during November exploring opportunities and meeting with various organisations, and believes some of his ideas achieved real traction with the aim of landing a role that will allow both scope and creative freedom. So stay tuned.

An invitation from principal Nick Gerritsen resulted in Michael coming to meet the rest of the team at Tuia Innovation. We had some idea of what to expect, but were deeply impressed by this modest, unassuming dynamo and his extraordinary creative energy. He is our type of guy.

So we very much look forward to supporting and potentially collaborating with Michael on some of the initiatives he is planning to drive locally – hopefully in the not too distant future.


Michael Sturtz visits Tuia

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