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Angel investment and venture capital for start-ups and new technology.

Public and private sector funding for research and development projects.

Expert support and advice for business development, planning and strategy.

Tuia Innovation: what we offer

At Tuia Innovation we tailor our engagement to the client’s or company’s needs and aspirations, taking account of their constraints and business context.

We can assist with:

  • Appraising, evaluating, auditing
  • Strategising, planning, and facilitation
  • Fund-raising & contracting
  • Implementing, managing
  • Capability-building
  • Mentoring, representing, advocating

Networks of opportunity

Networks are the DNA of business, and Tuia Innovation sits at the hub of a diverse array of networks that pivot around its four principals and their wider associates.

DNA derives strength from the strands that form its building blocks, and we understand that lasting networks are built on cornerstones of integrity, trust, and shared values, supported through trust-based relationships, shared experiences and mutual respect.

These are the key elements that make the best networks so reliable, effective, and ultimately productive. Simply put if you’re not networked, you’re not in business – and Tuia Innovation offers unique access to internationally credentialed and connected networks of venture catalysts, start-up mentors, and investors.

Our drivers & values

Tuia Innovation has a particular focus on the Māori economy, promoting and facilitating more innovative business development and diversity. As a bottom line, our involvement must have integrity; must be sustainable; must be ethical; and must be fair.





We can access

Public funding from key Government agencies for:

  • Situational analysis
  • Strategy development
  • R&D
  • Business establishment
  • Market development

Private funding

  • On and off-shore
  • Angel investment
  • Venture capital


Get in touch

Tel: +64 4 550-5795

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