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Sam, the virtual politician


POSTED: 25 October 2018

Imagine a politician that can interact with hundreds, even thousands, of constituents a day. That doesn’t get paid, so never has to justify its pay packet, that will never go on parental leave or rack up large limo bills. One that can’t lie, and won’t flip-flop on policies due to political pressure or lobbyists.

As the dust settled following the surprising results of New Zealand’s 2017 election, a new and potentially more efficient alternative to the oh-so-human realm of politics was been launched—SAM, the world's first virtual politician.

SAM (Semantic Analysis Machine) is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) project with the stated goal of learning about and representing the views of New Zealanders which has been developed as part of a collaboration between entrepreneur and Tuia Innovation principal Nick Gerritsen, technology company Touchtech, and Victoria University of Wellington.

Project members were invited to showcase SAM at the Digital 5 summit in February 2018. D5 is a network of the world’s most advanced digital nations, with a shared goal of strengthening the digital economy.


Sam, the virtual politician

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